How to keep rodents away from my garbage

We all hate it when we step outside and find out that our trash has been spilled by a rodent. Unfortunately, many homeowners have to face this menace. Rodents can make their way into your property and rummage through your trash. They might even make it their home. Here are some methods that help keep these uninvited guests out.

Why do they choose your dumpster?
The dumpster is a reliable source of food for the pests. The food keeps coming. Also, to scavenge from the dumpster, they do not have to get inside the house of the human. Thus they feel safer. If they find your dumpster and start eating, they will not bother to venture into your house. It is not worth the risk for them. So you won’t be able to place traps and expect to catch the rodent.

Ways to keep the rodent out of your garbage
Even if you can’t use traps, there are certain methods to keep the rodent out of your trash.

1) Dispose the garbage on a regular basis
Most rodents will mess with your garbage in search of food. The thing that attracts them is the scent of the food actually. If you manage to minimize the smell coming from the can, you will be able to keep the rodents away. So try to rinse the cans or containers of food before you throw them away so that they don’t give off any smell. If you have to throw away any leftover food, try to throw it deep beneath the trash and put everything else on top of it to suppress the smell. The animals also won’t have any easy access to the food.

2) Keep the lid of the can close
Make sure you place the lid securely on the top of the can. The garbage should not flow out. There are also screw on lids in the market these days. If you don’t want to buy them, there are other do it yourself ways you can try. For example, place a heavy object on top of the lid to prevent the animal from opening the lid. Another thing you can do is pass looping bungee cord through the handles of the garbage can. The animals won’t be able to undo the knots. Also, it will prevent the cans from spilling the garbage if a rodent tips it over.

3) Buy a metal trash can
Rodents find it easy to gnaw through plastic, but they find it impossible to damage a metal can. Plastic also can absorb odours, and it will keep smelling like garbage even when it’s empty. Try switching to a metal can for a change. It is easy, but it will make a whole lot of difference. Once you do all this, there is a 90% chance rodents are going to stop attacking your garbage.

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